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We are NOT a non-profit organization. Though this site is to provide knowledge and promote understanding of the religion commonly, and mistakenly, known as Wicca, it costs money for us to host this site. To that end we will offer books that will help to educate people as to the truth of our beliefs, as well as merchandise for those who practice our way of life.

As a religion, WE DO NOT SEEK CONVERTS! If you find this site offensive, please move on to a site of your liking, your attempts to change our way of life and thinking are unwelcome. Conversion is futile.

The religion of WICA, [ Y - KA ], one "c", is a modern day adaptation of a collection of many different European religions and beliefs that pre-date Christianity. IT IS NOT SATANISM, for the concept of satan or an all powerful evil being is a product of the Christian mythos, not ours. Wica has no ten commandments, only a simply stated, yet highly complex understanding.

Do As Thy Wilt, Save Harm None, Except In Thy Defense It Be.

What this means is, Live your life as you will. But, don't hurt anyone while doing so. Remembering that you have rights. And to keep those rights, one must stand their ground and defend those rights.

This where it gets complex. Before you do a thing, you must first think of the reprocussions of that course of action. How will it affect others around you? How will it affect our enviroment. Then, if you stand opposed, why are you being opposed? Is it a time to stand for your rights? Or a time to apologize for being wrong?

As to the content of this site. Some is based upon Avon's intreptations of historical, anthropological and archelogical facts and material. We provide references as to how these conclusions were come by. Avon has spent the past forty years in study of this material, as well as living and learning from primitive lifesytles, and then carefully considering how the old ways would have evolved if not so drastically persecuted and corrupted by non-native influences such as Christianity. If you disagree with his findings, so be it. Please read the site's material carefully, as more than a few have made an Arse of themselves with failure to do so.

The Only Dumb Question
Is One That Never Finds Voice

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